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AUT Rehabilitation courses in 2020!

18 Feb 2020 3:48 PM | Anonymous

Postgraduate Study – Rehabilitation pathway at AUT

Many practitioners find the skills and knowledge they develop through their undergraduate qualification are necessary, but not sufficient, to manage the complexities of rehabilitation practice. In the postgraduate rehabilitation pathway in the School of Clinical Sciences at AUT, they help you explore some of these complexities and then apply your new knowledge in your practice. The pathway is intended for rehabilitation practitioners or other professionals working in a range of patient populations, across a range of practice settings.

  • AUT offer the benefits of connecting on campus with lecturers and peers at block courses, alongside the flexibility of online and self-directed learning.
  • Papers are delivered by lecturers from a range of disciplines who are leaders in rehabilitation research.
  • Course content is continually updated in response to current research and engagement with industry.
  • Focus is on up-to-date evidence-based learning with immediate application to practice.

Enrol yourself in the following programmes:

Rehabilitation papers on offer in 2020 semester 1 (Feb to June)

  • RHAB801 Occupational Ergonomics: Concepts of Moving and Handling: provides a foundation in the academic and contextual setting for the moving and handling professional. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB802 Vocational Management and Rehabilitation: Fosters critical synthesis and application of current evidence and theory to practice in vocational management and rehabilitation. Examines the relationship between work and health at individual and societal levels. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB805 Concepts of Rehabilitation (also offered in semester 2): Examines core concepts which underpin rehabilitation. Enables students to explore and challenge their own rehabilitation practice through critical review of theory, evidence, and practice. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB814 Clinical Anatomy: Provides detailed advanced applied and theoretical anatomy that links the anatomical evidence with advanced clinical practice. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB817 Biomechanics: Fosters the advanced study of mechanical principles and their association with the musculoskeletal system. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB818 Pain: Mechanisms and Management (also offered in semester 2): Provides neurophysiologic mechanisms of acute and chronic pain and the relation to clinical practice. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB819 Therapeutic Exercise Science: Explores and debates the scientific basis of exercise testing and prescription for special populations. Click on link to view paper flyer.

Rehabilitation papers on offer in 2020 semester 2 (July to November)

  • HEAL801 Disability and Health: Develops a critical understanding of theories, policies and practices that influence the provision of health services to disabled people in New Zealand and Internationally. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB807 Motor Control in Rehabilitation: Develops a scientific approach to the therapeutic management of people with movement disorders. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB809 Stroke Management: Critiques and advances the knowledge of principles and practice of stroke care, prevention, management and rehabilitation in hospital and community settings. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB811 Health Ergonomics: Provides a broad based introduction to ergonomic principles and their application in the design of work, equipment and the workplace. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB812 Innovative Strategies: Engaging in Rehabilitation : Provides an overview of concepts, theories and research related to behaviour, beliefs and cognition and investigates how nursing, allied health professionals and others can apply them to practice in rehabilitation. Click on link to view paper flyer.
  • RHAB813 Breathing, Performance and Rehabilitation: Explores the role of breathing retraining in performance and rehabilitation for a wide range of professional practitioners who wish to optimise physical performance or rehabilitate disordered breathing patterns. Click on link to view paper flyer.

Full Year rehabilitation paper (Feb to November )

  • RHAB806 Hand and Upper Limb Therapy: Encompasses advanced study in the practical and applied assessment of hand and upper limb dysfunction and the understanding and integration of the scientific and clinical research foundation of current medical, surgical and therapeutic management strategies for such dysfunction. Click on link to view paper flyer.

View landscape graphic of postgraduate study progression in the rehabilitation pathway.

For further information, contact Nicola Kayes (Professor of Rehabilitation and Director, Centre for Person Centred Research, School of Clinical Sciences):

Phone: 09 921 9999 ext 7309 Email: nicola.kayes@aut.ac.nz

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