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Burwood Academy of Independent Living (BAIL) hosts A/Prof William Levack

20 Aug 2019 8:52 AM | Anonymous

In July 2019, Burwood Academy of Independent Living (BAIL) was delighted to host A/Prof William Levack for the day.

William provided a workshop for researchers about 'Theory building in qualitative research' and then presented to the wider peer group on 'Making use of Cochrane evidence'. 

The rehabilitation community is a major stakeholder in the work of Cochrane (formerly the Cochrane Collaboration). One in every 11 reviews and protocols published by Cochrane are on interventions provided by rehabilitation professionals. In 2016, Cochrane Rehabilitation was founded as a Field to act as a bridge between Cochrane and the health-related rehabilitation community worldwide. In part, this work has involved creating resources for rehabilitation providers, policy makers, and service users - ensuring that evidence within the Cochrane Library is relevant and useful to the work and lives of a range of rehabilitation stakeholders.

William's presentation was designed for health professionals to learn more about how to read and interpret knowledge from systematic reviews, with a particular focus on how to read Cochrane reviews on rehabilitation topics. It was particularly relevant for doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. 

Cochrane systematic reviews can be accessed freely from the Ministry of Health website.

Both sessions were well received.  Your can view the peer group presentation and see the presentation slides HERE.

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